Pacquiao v Marquez 3

HBO Sports released a highlight video the third fight in the Pacquiao Marquez series and it’s full of the best stuff from this match.  I’m not sure why whoever uploaded this to YouTube added Adele music to the background, so you might want to turn the volume down before pushing play.  It doesn’t really fit to have a love song being played while these two gladiators go at it.

This was a controversial decision. Many fans thought that the only reason Pacquiao was awarded the victory was because he is more famous. His promoter is more powerful. But it’s likely the boos came because Juan Manuel Marquez had a significant advantage in terms of fans in the crowd.

If you think Manny didn’t deserve the victory you have to look at the average punches landed. Marquez was outlanded by three per round. Manny got 14 punches landed, while Juan only had 11.

More facts: Pacquiao threw 142 more punches. He had a higher percentage of power shots than Marquez. That stats were 176/578 landed to throw for Pacquiao. He had 117/274 power punches and 59/304 jabs. Marquez was 138/468 in total punches, 100/246 for power punches, and 38/182 jabs.

He should have won every single fight so far. This is why it’s no surprise that he’s the favorite for the fourth matchup.  The round-by-round stats show that it wasn’t really that close.  The judges clearly saw this as being dominated by Pacquiao.  You have to wonder why the fans disagreed so strongly.  I’m guessing it’s because of a bias in who they liked before the fight started.