Pacquiao vs. Vargas Fight Predictions

Many Pacquiao is a boxing legend in boxing and a former winner of eight division champion. He is set to return to boxing earlier than it is expected to LA’s Jessie Vargas. He has missed several tournaments due to an injury that he sustained early this year. The match against Jessie is one of a kind which will welcome him back to the global stage and put up a spirited fight to reclaim his glory. Many is prolific fighter who has earned many accolades during his time in the boxing career. To all his fans who missed his tactics and play, there is a reason to watch this match. The old lion is back and ready to reclaim what belongs to him.  Vegas seems to agree.  The boxing odds show that Pacquiao is a -700 favorite to win.  That is the equivalent of being given a 85% chance to be victorious.

Manny Pacquiao is a world champion in boxing. He has been in the game foe more than two decades where he rose from a humble background to reach to superstar status. The championship glory was a dream that he worked for many years to earn it. Despite his advanced age, he is still a threat to the youngster who is determined to challenge and take down the one time world champion on the big stage. As for Manny, the main thing he will be very happy about is making a return to the game in great shape. Jessie is delighted to face a former champion as he is building his career and aims at becoming the next world champion.

Analytics have looked at the challenge between Manny Pacquiao and Jessie Vargas. There are many expectations on the possible outcomes that will be registered from these players. Both have proven to perform on the big stage and claim victory over their opponents. Manny is still very swift in making his throws and always hits the head. Jessie must be very worried of getting a knockout from the former champion which would destroy any hopes for him emerging victorious. The last tournament when Manny fought in April, he still showed all his abilities and strong knocks.

Looking at the physical abilities of Manny and Jessie, there are some differences which are strengths to each of them. For Jessie who is only 147 pounds, taking Manny who started in the junior flyweight category will not be very easy for him. He is a taller fighter at 5’11 could work to his advantage. He will be able to tackle Manny well who is also shorter compares to him. Nevertheless, Manny is very strong physically and can pause challenge to his opponent despite the height. The last match which Jessie played against Bradley, he has showed how he can use the height to his advantage against the opponent and finish them off completely.

Vargas is still a very strong fighter who has taken ten knockouts in 27 wins in all his fights. He still shows a greater aptitude of hurting other players who he is put on a tie with. He is physically strong and hits the opponent where it hurts them most. He has managed to hurt his opponents badly. His left arm is dangerous and causes more harm to his opponent in that he cannot block the heavy blow that comes on the way.

Jessie has been learning new tactics lately in anticipation of using them against Manny. Some worked well for him like in the match against Khabib Allakhverdiev. For people who want to place bets on this boxing tournaments, placing a bet on Manny is good because he is always a favorite. Comparing g the abilities of these two fighters, it would be safe to play for Manny. Jessie is not convincing and his performance has been unpredictable in most cases.

Will Juan Manual Marquez Fight Again, And If so, Against Who?

It has been nearly three years since former four division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez set foot in a ring and had a match. Marquez, 43, who was plagued by a knee injury since his last encounter with Mike Alvarado that has since then threatened his career, has been thinking of making one last statement in the ring. According to ESPN, Marquez is now returning to condition sessions to prepare for one last fight next year – as long as his body can hold up during the rigorous training sessions.

For fans waiting for Marquez’s decision to be final, they will have to wait until the end of the year. According to the news and his own words, Marquez is working with Memo Heredia, and planning on training through December until making an ultimate decision about returning for one last fight. Marquez spoke up and said:

“We have been training with Memo in the gym, more on fitness than anything else, the body is responding well, but, I will not make the decision to return until my body tells me how well I feel.”

“I want to do everything I can; I don’t want to retire and then return, If the body responds well, we are going to make a comeback, I have the desire to do a retirement fight.” Said Marquez.

Marquez has been saying he feels good but hasn’t commented on his knee problems at all. Only time will tell if Marquez’s knee has improved or not. Everybody will be waiting anxiously on the edge of their seats to hear if the retirement match has the green light by Marquez or not.

With all of the excitement about a possible return to the boxing ring, fans alike are speculating who Marquez will face upon his return. There have only been speculations; nothing has been officially signed or planned yet. I’ve heard that some discussions were being made with Miguel Cotto for a fight in recent months, but the two couldn’t come to terms mutually about an agreeable weight, so it fell apart. Some boxing fans are a bit relieved about this because fans were worried that Cotto would be too rough for Marquez to face and they were afraid he’d get hurt during the match.

There have also been speculations of a Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao fight, but it has yet to be confirmed. It seems to be a good fit since this will be a retirement match and it could be settling a score between Marquez and the Pacman. Again, nothing has officially been confirmed and may never get confirmed. There isn’t much more information about who Marquez may face since Marquez isn’t sure about a retirement match yet.

Other than those two speculations, a lot of the information on who Marquez will be going against – and if Marquez will be able to go against anyone – has been hush-hush. I’m assuming it is because Marquez himself yes yet to officially give the green light on his health and officially confirm the retirement match and the right person has to be selected. Fans would be sorely disappointed if Marquez made a retirement match against someone who couldn’t be held up to his standards.
Soon is sure to come about who he may be facing withing the following two months leading up to the condition of Marquez’s knee injury. Until then, fans can speculate and hope Marquez gets into fighting conditions to have a retirement match in 2017.

Fight Predictions

We asked a high profile boxing group on Facebook for their opinions on this fight and they did not disappoint.

54% of the people thought Pacquiao would win by knockout.

22% thought it would be Manny again by a decision.

13% said Marquez would win by decision.

10% thought that Marquez would win by knockout.

1% copped out and said the fight would end in a draw.

So here is a little bit of history between the two.

The first fight took place back on May 8, 2004.  It was in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grande.  That fight ended in a draw.

The rematch was also held in Las Vegas but this time at Madalay Bay.  It took place on march 15, 2008 and Pacquiao was awarded the win but it came by split decision.

The third fight was on November 12, 2011.  It took place at MGM again in Las Vegas.

Every one of these fights have been controversial.  Pacquiao knocked Marquez down three times in the first round of fight one but referee Joe Cortez allowed the fight to go on.  If he hadn’t there probably would never have been a rematch.

Instead, Marquez came back and was impressive after the first round, but it seemed like the judges couldn’t get past the first round performance by Pac.

The third decision was booed loudly by the crowd.  Each time Marquez supporters believe Manny’s more aggressive style, his being more famous, and his promoter being more powerful as to the reasons the scorecards did not go their fighter’s way.

So, how do we think this one plays out?  It’s important to note that the
Vegas oddsfavor Pacquaio, giving him a 66% chance of winning compared to only 33% for Marquez.I think there is some value with the underdog.  He’s been strong in the previous two meetings and could easily have won each.  I don’t see any reason that he can’t put up a fight like that again.  This time he might even get a break or two and end up being awarded the win.

I do think this one goes the distance.  Both fighters have knockout power, there is no denying that.  But, since this is the fourth time they will have faced off they are very familiar with one another.  That should be both can defend what the other likes to do.

The only problem I see is you know Manny is going to come in a little heavier.  That typically gives a boxer a little more power behind their punches, more stamina, and the ability to take a few more hits.  That will be the biggest disadvantage Marquez faces.  That and he’s almost 40 years old.  He’s no spring chicken, but either is Manny.

I’m going with Marquez in a decision.


Pacquiao v Marquez 3

HBO Sports released a highlight video the third fight in the Pacquiao Marquez series and it’s full of the best stuff from this match.  I’m not sure why whoever uploaded this to YouTube added Adele music to the background, so you might want to turn the volume down before pushing play.  It doesn’t really fit to have a love song being played while these two gladiators go at it.

This was a controversial decision. Many fans thought that the only reason Pacquiao was awarded the victory was because he is more famous. His promoter is more powerful. But it’s likely the boos came because Juan Manuel Marquez had a significant advantage in terms of fans in the crowd.

If you think Manny didn’t deserve the victory you have to look at the average punches landed. Marquez was outlanded by three per round. Manny got 14 punches landed, while Juan only had 11.

More facts: Pacquiao threw 142 more punches. He had a higher percentage of power shots than Marquez. That stats were 176/578 landed to throw for Pacquiao. He had 117/274 power punches and 59/304 jabs. Marquez was 138/468 in total punches, 100/246 for power punches, and 38/182 jabs.

He should have won every single fight so far. This is why it’s no surprise that he’s the favorite for the fourth matchup.  The round-by-round stats show that it wasn’t really that close.  The judges clearly saw this as being dominated by Pacquiao.  You have to wonder why the fans disagreed so strongly.  I’m guessing it’s because of a bias in who they liked before the fight started.